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I just love capturing this special time in your life!! Photographs can be taken clothed/semi clothed or nude or any combination- completely up to you and what you feel comfortable with. The ideal time to capture your glorious bump is usually between 33 and 37 weeks.

However if you feel you want some shots at particular stages throughout your pregnancy please contact me and we can work out a sequence of sessions! These make great storyboards of your growing bump.

Please do not pick too close to your due date!! I recommend booking at least 6 weeks before you are due…but please contact me if you have only just found me and I will check my schedule.

Dad’s or siblings are also welcome to be included in the shoot- just let me know when you book.

Newborn Photography 

There’s nothing like a newborn! And they grow so quickly! Their litte toes…their little nose..you get the idea!

Photos of these little treasures are technically easier between 5 to 10 days as they tend to be sleepier, however it is possible to capture earlier than this if you are game! Having said that please don’t feel you will miss out on a great photo if you wait until 4 weeks or later, it is more important that you enjoy your new bundle and book the photos when you feel ready. For some families this is not long after birth- for others it is a few weeks later!

Please do not book newborn sessions on the basis of your estimated due date as the babies themselves often have their own agendas!! You may contact me prior to register your interest ( I will mark your due date and dates on either side in my scheduling diary) and then after your bundle is born simply contact me as soon as you feel comfortable after the birth and we will make arrangements that are mutually convenient.

I do regularly travel to most major hospitals for Melbourne newborn photography sessions…and if you are at the Mercy or Family Birthing Centre (Heidelberg) please mention it when you book. I also travel to your home for newborn photography sessions.

Please note that I do not use flash during newborn sessions…I refuse to hurt their sensitive peepers. These sessions truly are special  and having photos of your children when they are this new to the world really are important and they are great  to look back on- as the time really does go so quickly! I am a mum too and am happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have about a newborn session.

Once you book I will email you a pdf specifically about newborn sessions.

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