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Couples Connect


Only Connect- Couples– is another new session which has evolved over time from my interest in psychology (part of my first degree), yoga and meditation (I am a qualified Yoga Teacher), identity (part of a started Phd!) and my interest in art/photography as a therapeutic and experiential tool.
This session is for couples that

  • want to spend some time together as an exploration
  • feel like their relationship is in a rut
  • is suddenly unsure about their relationship.
  • are madly in love.
  • want to do something together that is fun.

The session is an experience open to any couple (married, unmarried, heterosexual, gay/lesbian). Sessions are on location of clients choice. It is not a heavy “therapy” session- rather the reverse- it is lighthearted and fun- an invitation to participate in a process that will awaken and renew your understanding of each other. Expect laughter! The experience  allows the couple  to remember why they love each other. Session includes a free print of choice and a  discount on a la carte prices. Please contact me for further details.

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